With state-of-the-art 2-D and 3-D technology and experienced design engineers, our design services are carried out with utmost accuracy and care in order to meet customer specifications in every respect, even for special solutions.


Within the manufacturing of our products, we can rely on our experienced and qualified employees, who implement our high standards of quality and reliability in every area of production. This also applies if you need to react quickly and be flexible. Incidentally: The final inspection of the finished products is a matter of the boss!

Installation and commissioning

Our versed employees with years of experience in the field of assembly ensure timely construction, professional assembly and commissioning of our products.

Maintenance, customer service, conversion and removal

Even after the commissioning of our stainless steel products, we are always and always a competent partner when it comes to maintenance work, conversions or extensions.


Below you will find a selection of projects that we have already successfully realized.